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I am This...

I am a writer and a photographer by avocation, not by profession. I am a storyteller and have been telling stories both in narrative form and visually since my earliest recollections. 


I write to amplify my voice, to connect with myself and others, and to know that I am. For me, writing is not optional: I need to write. 

Over the years, I’ve written TV scripts for the weekly magazine-style public affairs TV show that I hosted and produced for 15 years, written weekly columns for 2 newspapers, published several memoir pieces, taught writing to middle and high schoolers, kept hundreds of journals, composed stories in my head while driving, scribbled notes on surfaces of every kind, and written far too many "things-to-do" lists.

When I was 8, I wrote my first story, "Rocket to Mars" and for seven decades, there has always been a pen or colored pencil and some type of simple camera within easy reach. Most of the photos here have been taken with my cell phone, an iPhone SE. 

Ardelle Castellana Hirsch Writer Photographer

Ardelle Hirsch

In many ways my life now looks very much as it did when I was 8. I still love writing, photography, dancing, performing and am mesmerized by and completely in awe of the natural world.


Following exceptionally satisfying work in Broadcasting, Public Affairs and Education, my evolving retirement now includes background acting for several Netflix, HBO and Amazon projects.

Most of all, I love spending time with my kids and grandkids, who are my greatest teachers. I'm grateful for every single moment and experience, perfect or imperfect, grateful for all.

I'm happy to congregate and share a lifetime of words and images that denote life as I see it. I'm glad you're here.


Welcome to the world as I see it... 

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