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Autumn sets the color and cadence for infinite mortality and rebirth


An orchestrated signal cues the dirge,     

a canopy of color,

all aglow  

seeps through secret spaces,

a brilliant purge, 

autumnal tapestries;

a gaudy show. 


Cathartic cleanse in soundless splendor falls,  

Cascades of shimmery,

glittery, ragged mold, 

Besplattered crusty leaflettes, all 

afloat descend in wafts of red and gold.     


Kaleidoscope of amber orbs, caught   

in golden molten bleeds of sequined sun,

as giddy globs enchant without a thought. 

Behold, euphoric death, all life undone.   


And in the fearless letting go, no clue -  

in quiet crunchy slumber, life renews.  



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