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Backyard Dinners and Hope

There are 9 of them back there, the deer.

Each night they come in search of food or company or curiosity ...I am glad they are here. I, too, have survived the winter and wondered about likely the same things as they did: where are my children, is there food to be had, will we survive the cold and the dark?

During the when-will-it-all-end dark wintry days of the pandemic, they were bold and fearless, starving and scared. I called the local Tractor Supply place (which I did not know existed in suburban Albany) to ask about buying food.

"Are you looking for bait?"

"No, I want to feed them. They're hungry."

I did not know that feeding deer in Bethlehem NY is unwelcome - and illegal. And yes, I understand all of the nuances and necessities of the situation now. But they were a family, and they were hungry and cold. I did the best I could and brought them peanut butter smeared apples. And we would often just stand there silently and be together. They saw me. And I saw them. And during this long and unpredictable winter, we shared our fears, and some apples, showed off our courage and trust...and moved ahead.

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